5 Reasons Why Webcam Modeling May Be For You

  1. You have the freedom to work from your own home. You can stop your show and drop your child off at school or daycare. You can run errands in your day and perform live shows at night. Its up to you what and when you do. You can set your own work schedule so you can work as little or as much as you like. You don’t have to spend hours in traffic driving to work every morning. How many people have a job where they have this type of freedom?
  2. While everyone knows that webcam modeling is not for everyone. Did you know that webcam models often make over $60 per hour. Some make much more of course. Yes models earnings can vary a lot depending on many factors, but on average models make over $1 per every minute they are performing live. This makes it a very lucrative job for most people. Keep in mind you you also do not have to spend time driving to a normal job. So the amount of time you spend online is really the only amount of time you need to dedicate to working. Hour for hour you will have a hard time finding another job that will pay you as much.
  3. Being a webcam model may have some tax benefits for you.  For US based models, you may be able to deduct the cost of anything used in your online performance. Examples would include clothes, adult items, lighting equipment, computers, webcams, microphones, or anything else that would be required for you to earn money as a webcam model.
  4. Get paid to do things you would do anyways. Everyone has either had sex or masturbated. So why not get paid?  Well that is basically what webcam models do every day. They go online and chat with customers and either have sex with their webcam partner or masturbate online. I personally think this is a very pleasurable job. You get to have endless amounts of orgasms and get paid while doing it. I can understand that not everyone is comfortable showing this to strangers online. But you just need to think of yourself as an actor or actress playing a role. You just need to tell the customers what they want to hear. No matter what their request is, just act like you would like to do it or would be willing to try it. This will really help you make tons of money.  Trust me.
  5. You can perform as a couple too. Many people who are interested in webcam modeling get discouraged because their partner is not comfortable with them performing online alone for other people. Well if you and your partner are having sex online together it sometimes takes away the feeling that you are doing something wrong. In fact I think its very exciting knowing that someone is watching me online. Couples often make more than solo females. I thinks its likely because there are less couples on the cam sites online. Having your partner makes it a entirely different experience, most females perform both with their male partner and without them. The reason is that most males cannot last for hours online, while females can go for much longer with a little lube.

I hope that you find this information helpful and unbiased. I have worked on many sites as a cam model, and this all comes from first hand experience. Feel free to comment below with any questions.